Looking for a fun and safe activity for your kids this weekend?

Why not get them a jumphouse!

These inflatables are often used as indoor playgrounds full of inflatable slides and obstacles, perfect for bouncing around on a rainy day.

They're a great way to tire out little ones before bedtime.

Here are our top picks for the best bounce house on the market!  So what are you waiting for?

Let's get jumping!

How We Choose These Indoor Playgrounds!

How do you choose the perfect jump house for your family and friends?

You don't have to worry about a thing!

We've got you covered.

With over 1000 reviews of the best jump houses on the market, we can help you find the perfect one for your family.

Jump houses are a great way to keep your toddlers and neighbors active and entertained.

They'll be able to run, jump, and play all day long in their very own jump house instead. And when they're not using it, you can easily fold it up and store it away until next time.

Click this our reviews of the best bouncing houses on the market today!

NutmegsNook is excited to bring you this list of amazing products! We've hand-picked each item on the list, and we're confident that you'll discover your new favorite product among them. 
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Disney Princess Carriage Inflatable Outdoor Bounce House with Slide and Ball Pit - Plus Heavy Duty Air Blower with GFCI

Best Princess Jumphouse

Disney Princess Carriage Inflatable Outdoor Bounce House with Slide and Ball Pit -

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Are you ready for the most magical bouncing adventure of your life?

The Disney Princess Carriage Inflatable Bounce and Slide is here!

You’ll be absolutely enchanted with this amazing inflatable structure that will be the highlight of your outdoor gatherings.

Transform your yard into a kingdom of dreams and wonder as you bask in the beauty of OFFICIALLY LICENSED DISNEY MERCHANDISE.

Our premium quality art will make you and your little ones fall into the imaginary world of fairytale castles, horses, and royalty with beautiful details that you won’t find anywhere else.

Bring the whole family to join in on the jumping.

Get up, get moving and get active with hours of physical entertainment unlike any other.

Whether it’s two or 20 little party jumpers, there is plenty for everyone indoors, thanks to its countless features like a bouncing area, climb and slide, basketball hoop, and ball pit all within safety guidelines from UL Certified Blower Motor Included.

An inflatable repair kit is also included so you can keep those wonderful memories going for years to come!

And don’t worry about setup - simply inflate it in less than a minute with a convenient blower!

Then when playtime comes to an end, speedily deflate it just as quickly; getting back to normal life has never been so effortless!

Best of all, store away this amazing bouncing house in its easy-transport storage bag and carry case so everyone at home can enjoy a hearty bounce anytime they please.

So have no fear it's time to let our Disney Princess Carriage Inflatable BounceyHouse take your special occasions to an unforgettable experience fit for royalty!

Bounceland Bounce House Castle with Basketball Hoop Inflatable Bouncer, Fun Slide, Safe Entrance Opening, UL Certified Strong Blower Included

Best Basketball Jumphouse

Bounceland Bounce House Castle with Basketball Hoop Inflatable- 

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Introducing the Bounceland Bounce Castle with Basketball Hoop Inflatable Bouncer, a lively and bouncy pleasure for your little family!

This amazing bounce house is made from top-of-the-line PVC coated Terylene/Laminated Oxford Terylene so it's tough enough to take even the roughest playtime.

Its large inflated size of 12ft x9ft x7ft makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use; your babes will love bouncing around in this spacious castle.

It's easy to set up with a blower that inflates the house in less than a minute.

You also get a carry bag for easy portability wherever you're headed next!

Plus, there are plenty of safety features included too: heavy-duty puncture proof material that comes with double to quadruple stitches ensures durability, while a Hook & Loop fastener opening guarantees safe access into and out of the bouncer.

The bouncing surface is made with tough commercial-grade materials so you can rest assured your child has reliable support while they have a great time!

Lastly, we've provided 6 ft long 9" ground stakes to ensure your inflatable house stays secure.

This versatile bounce castle comes in at just under 250 lbs so three children can enjoy having tons of enjoyment simultaneously.

With its affordable price tag and exciting features, this Bounceland House will surely be the highlight at any party or event.

So grab yours today and give your child an unforgettable bouncing experience!

Naice 8 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House, Indoor Outdoor  Kids -10 Years Old, Jumper  House with 2 Slides, Climbing Wall, Ball Pit House

Best 8in 1 Jumphouse

Naice 8 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House, Indoor Outdoor Bounce House for Kids 3-10 Years Old, Jumper Bounce House with 2 Slides, Climbing Wall, Ball Pit House, Perfect for Toddlers, Kids, Children-

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Welcome to the Naice 8 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House – the perfect place to combine festivities and fitness!

This heavy-duty, certified safe structure is much more durable than other products – made with 420D+ 840D oxford cloth, plus mesh – it’s ready and waiting to handle up to 250 pounds of jumpers, so your little ones can race, slide and enjoy playtime with their friends.

Plus, it comes with a quiet-working blower UL certified 450 W that will inflate the house in just 90 seconds!

And that's not all!

The Naice 8-in-1 Inflatable Bounce House also has two smooth slides – high or low - offering hours of sliding bliss.

Your children won’t be able to wait for their turn on this awesome piece of play equipment.

And when you’re done playing inside the large interior bounce area, why not take advantage of a game of basketball or dart throwing?

With so many possibilities for laughter at every turn, this will never bore them.

Make your next family outing extra special with this exciting feature from Naice!

Forget standing around watching - now everyone can join in the antics and enhance your treasured leisure time together.

With a lifetime warranty against tears & rips - how could you go wrong?

It's better than paying rent on a castle! It's time to bring home loads of laughs!

AirMyFun Kids Bounce House with Blower, Inflatable Bouncy Jumping Castle with Slide, Indoor/Outdoor Pink Bouncer House with Double Sewn Beams, 82011B

Best Jumping Castle

AirMyFun Kids Bounce House with Blower, Inflatable Bouncy Jumping Castle with Slide 

Check price on Amazon!

This inflatable bouncing house is made from high-quality Oxford materials, adopted, particularly durable 840D+420D tarpaulin material - choose quality, durable, puncture-resistant synthetic fabric so you can be sure your children will be safe while they play.

Plus, it comes with a super fun slide and a huge jumping area - always making sure that the house won't roll over too easily.

And with mesh pockets on the sides to store shoes and toys temporarily, you'll never run out of places to store things away!

Additionally, double-sewn beams technology ensures scratch resistance even in short outfits - letting you enjoy quality playtime without worrying about any incidents or mishaps.

So let your little one's imaginations soar as they jump around their own AirMyFun Kid Bouncey House! Hours of endless laughter and joy await!

Youngsters love jumping around, so why not give them a space to do it safely indoors!

Kids and jumping go together like peanut butter and jelly! Jumps and twists can help a child build coordination, balance, and fitness at all ages.

But when the weather isn't conducive to running around outside, it can be difficult to find room and time for toddlers to engage in physical activity indoors.

This is why it's such an amazing idea to designate a space in your home specifically for jumping!

With the right surfaces underneath them - padding for hardwood floors or trampolines - they can actively exercise inside without feeling cooped up or restricted.

The excitement of having their own designated jumping zone will surely keep kiddos happy and active, not to mention it's better for the environment too!

So go ahead - give them a space to safely jump around to their heart's content.

Jumping houses are great for rainy days or when it's too hot to play outside!

If you're stuck inside due to inclement weather or a heatwave, jumping houses can be the perfect way to keep those babes entertained!

There's nothing like a good round of bouncing around and getting all those wiggles and energy out!

From backyard tents to full-sized bouncy rooms, there are tons of options out there so you can find the perfect setup for your family.

Plus, with all the games and activities that can be added on, they will be occupied for hours on end!

So grab a jump house and reclaim those bad weather or hot summer days - it's time to get the gang together again for some jumping good times!

They're also perfect for birthday parties and other celebrations!

Birthday parties, any carnival or party and other celebratory occasions and events are the perfect opportunity to use these awesome inflatables!

Big companies appreciate the function of these awesome activity centers!

These functions are a great place for your bouncer and creates a festive atmosphere for your special occasion that everyone will love!

You can find jumpy houses in different sizes and shapes to fit your needs

Jumping around in a jumper house is an exciting way to enjoy the indoors, and with jumping houses available in all sizes and shapes, you are sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Whether you have enough space for an extra-large jumping extravaganza or need something smaller to fit into your small backyard, the sky's the limit when it comes to choosing the right jumphouse!

With colors, shapes and sizes ranging from classic blue to wild animal cutouts, you can customize your very own house that will get everyone in your family begging for playtime.

So bring some life and excitement back into your backyard – get a jumpy house today!

Some even have slides and other features to keep your children entertained for hours!

It's a parent's dream to keep their children entertained for hours - and now it's possible!

If you are looking for something unusual and extra, slides and other features are the perfect party solution.

Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they also help toddlers explore the world of physical exercise.

They foster creativity, encourage problem-solving skills and ideas, and can even improve balance and coordination.

Get your family excited with these exciting features today.

Are bounce houses worth buying?

There's no one definitive answer to this question since it depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of your property or room indoors, the number of jumpers you have, and how often you plan to use the bounce house.

That said, generally speaking, bounce houses are definitely worth buying if you have young kids and want them to stay active and entertained.

They're a great way to keep your little ones active and busy while also giving them a healthy dose of exercise.

And since they can be used multiple times, they're also a cost-effective investment.

Just be sure to read the reviews before buying one so that you know what to expect in terms of quality and durability.

Do bounce houses use a lot of electricity?

Yes, bounce houses use a decent amount of electricity.

That's because they require fans to keep the air circulating, and those fans use a lot of power.

That said, there are ways to reduce the amount of electricity your bounce house uses.

For example, you can unplug the bounce house when it's not in use, or you can choose a model that has energy-efficient fans.

You can also make sure to site your bounce house in an open area where there's plenty of airflow.

What is the life expectancy of a bounce house?

Most bounce houses have a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years.

However, if the bounce house is well-maintained and not abused, it can last up to 10 years.

Which Jumphouse do you Choose For Your Family? How many people do YOU know that own a jumphouse?

Create memories and videos that last a lifetime and let the excitement begin!

It's no wonder that jumping houses are becoming so popular.

They're a great way to keep your little guys and gals active and entertained, and they can be used for celebrations, any event or just rainy days when you need something fun to do indoors.

Plus, they're easy to set up and don't take up a lot of space.

If you're looking for a new way to have family fun, you'll definitely consider investing in a jumper house!

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