Oftentimes when we see a rainbow, we're so awestruck by its beauty that we don't stop to think about what might be at the end of it.

But have you ever wondered what, exactly, is at the end of a rainbow?

According to legend, there's a pot of gold.

But does that really make sense?

Let's take a closer look at the science behind rainbows to see if we can solve this centuries-old mystery once and for all.

What Causes Rainbows?

Understanding what causes rainbows is critical to solving the mystery of what's at their end.

A rainbow is created when sunlight reflects and refracts off of water droplets in the air.

The amount of reflection and refraction depends on the size of the water droplets; very small droplets result in a brighter, more colorful rainbow, while larger droplets create a fainter rainbow.

When light waves hit a water droplet, they slow down and change direction.

Some of the light waves reflect off the surface of the droplet while some pass through the surface and bounce off the back of the droplet.

The reflected light waves then pass out through the surface again.

The difference in speed between the light waves bouncing off the back of the droplet and those reflecting off its surface causes them to disperse in all directions—and that's what forms a rainbow.

So, What's at the End of a Rainbow?

Now that we understand how rainbows are created, we can answer the question of what's at their end once and for all.

And the answer is...nothing!

That's right, there's nothing at the end of a rainbow because rainbows don't have definite ends.

They're actually full circles—but we can only see part of them because we're viewing them from below."

So next time you see a rainbow, don't wonder what might be at its end.

There's nothing there but more rainbow!

Instead, take a moment to appreciate this amazing natural phenomenon and all the science behind it.

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