Kids love robots. And what's not to love?

They're big and strong, they make cool noises, and they can shoot lasers out of their eyes (or at least that's what most kids think).

If your little ones are fascinated by all things robotic, then they'll love these awesome robot books for kids.

Featuring cherished classics and new favorites, these reads are sure to fill your child's need for speed.

The Runaway Robot by Kate Banks-

With both humor and heart, this tale follows Louis, a young boy who discovers a runaway robot in the park.

When no one seems to believe his story, Louis sets out to find the robot's home on his own.

A delightful story about friendship and being true to yourself, The Runaway Robot is perfect for young readers.

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon-

Told entirely through pictures, this graphic novel follows Robot as he starts having strange dreams.

In his dreams, Robot meets a dog, a chicken, and even a whale- but when he wakes up, he's all alone.

A touching story about loneliness and companionship, Robot Dreams is sure to resonate with young readers.

Robots, Robots Everywhere!

In this beloved classic from the bestselling Little Golden Book all about robots, these robots are everywhere and anywhere you can imagine :)

A fun and educational read is perfect for kids who are just beginning to learn about robots!

Robot books for kids are the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of robots.

From classics like The Runaway Robot to new favorites like The Berenstain Bears Go Goldbugging, these reads are sure to delight and entertain your little ones.

Grab a robot book for kids and settle in for some quality robotic fun!

Robots introduce an incredible new world!

A few years ago, you might not have even known what coding was.

But now, it's one of the hottest topics in the tech world.

And for good reason - coding is an incredibly useful skill to have and kids learn lightning fast!

Kids love to build amazing things and this  learning is really great for problem-solving skills and developing a child's independence.

If you're looking for a gift that will really wow your kids, why not give the gift of coding?

It's the perfect way to get them started on a new and exciting journey.

And with so many resources available online, it's easier than ever to get started.