If you're looking for a magical squishy unicorn that's sure to be a hit with moms and kids, look no further than the Most Magical Squishy Unicorn Ever!

This delightful unicorn donut creature is soft, colorful, and oh-so-cute, making it a must-have for anyone who loves unicorns and toys to squish and play with.

Plus, it comes complete with its own magical storybook, so you can enjoy hours of fun reading about the adventure of this one-of-a-kind squishy friend.

Trust us; the Most Magical Squishy Unicorn Ever will make your dreams come true!

How We Choose Our Most Wonderful Squishy Unicorns

Unicorns and any squishy toy are the new trend and we have the best of the best for you! We've got these toys in the bag!

Who doesn’t love a good unicorn horse squishy?

We searched high and low to bring you the squishiest, most adorable unicorns and squishies around.

And not only do squishies make your day brighter, but they also come with 1000s of reviews to help you choose the perfect one.

With so many different colors, sizes and styles to choose from, we know it can be hard to pick how many squishies you want!

But that’s why we have such an amazing selection – so you can find the perfect unicorn squishies for your collection.

And trust us, once you get your hands on one of these little guys, you won’t want to let go.

Pick out your favorite unicorn today and add it to your shopping cart!

NutmegsNook is excited to bring you this list of amazing products! We've hand-picked each item on the list, and we're confident you'll discover your new favorite product among them. 
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Anboor 4.9 Inches Squishies Unicorn Galaxy Kawaii

Best Kawaii Unicorn Squishy

Anboor 4.9 Inches Squishies Unicorn Galaxy Kawaii 

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What's Amazing!

The time has come for you to take your unicorns dreams to the next level with the Anboor 4.9 Inches Squishies Unicorn Galaxy Kawaii Soft Slow Rising Scented Animal!

Whether you’re an adult looking for a creative way to relieve stress, or someone with children needing help with ADHD, this unbelievably awesome Kawaii stuffed toy is here to help!

Kawaii is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic slow rise PU foam that’s easy to carry and hard to tear, you can experience the soothing comfort of its ultra soft fabric any time - no matter where you go.

Kawaii is perfect for finger rehabilitation training as well as an irresistibly cartoonish simulation toy.

What's Impressive!

With such a compact size of 4.9 inches in length and width (2.6 inches in height),Kawaii fits perfectly into your hand or pocket too!

Adorable big eyes feature this mainly purple squishy Kawaii companion and make it look incredibly cute - so don’t forget to hug it ;)

Get ready to fall head over heels while being tucked away by this unforgettable unicorn galaxy sensation!

When life gives you lemons, reach for Anboor's super-adorable Kawaii Unicorn Galaxy Squishies!

This cute little unicorn will bring a smile to anyone's day with its vibrant colors and unique scented design.

Kawaii's ultra-comfy slow-rising nature makes it perfect for relieving stress, while its soft texture is ideal for young children.

Perfect as a party favor, gift, decoration, or just for fun, the Kawaii Unicorn Galaxy Squishies from Anboor is out-of-this-world awesome!

Not only will everyone enjoy their adorable look and calming scent but you can also rest assured in the fact that you're getting great value – as well as Anboor's Exemplary Service if you have any questions.

Put some magic into playtime today with these fantastic squishies!

Unicorn Squishy Jumbo Squishies- 6 Pack Narwhal Squishy Unicorn Cake Scented Squishy Toy Pack

Best Unicorn Squishy Pack

Unicorn Squishy Jumbo Squishies- 6 Pack Narwhal Squishy 

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What's Amazing!

Introducing Unicorn Squishy Jumbo Squishies!

The perfect combo of playful, fun, and functional!

With 6 squishies in a pack, these cuddly squishy toy unicorns are made from the highest quality Polyurethane foam (PU Foam).

Each squishy toy keeps its shape no matter how much your kiddos love to squeeze them!

Plus, each squishy toy carries a delicious cream scent that can make it even more enticing for little ones.

Each package includes 1 pink unicorn, 1 horse unicorn, 1 cake unicorn, 1 galaxy unicorn, and 2 white unicorns.

What's Impressive!

This jumbo unicorn is funky and awesome and sure to attract everyone’s attention!

Kids can't get enough of these magical and adorable jumbo unicorn squishes…it's like they have their own mini-pet squishes to take care of!

They'll love snuggling up with these delightful unicorns that bring heart-warming smiles no matter what mood they're in.

Enjoy hours of awesome fun with our Squishy Jumbo Unicorn Squishies!

Our 6 pack of narwhal squishy uniccake-scented squishies are absolutely adorable and so much fun to play with.

They make the perfect gift to give or keep for yourself.

You’ll love the slow-rising feature, as well as how much they look and smell just like a delicious cake!

Whether you want to defuse stress, participate in playful competition with friends, or pass the time, these squishies are ideal.

And with their bright colors and unique designs, you can be sure that everyone will love them!

Get ready to “squeeze” your way into some awesome fun with our Unicorn Squishy Jumbo Squishies!

Make playtime extra special with Jumbo Unicorn Squishy Squishies!

Get your hands on these awesome jumbo squishes now for an unbeatable price–order yours stand out today and watch as any little boys or girls light up with delight.

Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Scented Unicorn Squishy

Best Super Scented Unicorn Squishy

Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Scented Unicorn Squishy

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What's Amazing!

Unleash the power of the Unicorns with Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Scented Unicorn Squishy!

This awesome squishy is crafted to fit perfectly in your hand and crafted with superior slow-rising materials, so you can rest assured that it will last.

Plus, it's made of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, making it extremely soft and scented with organic perfumes.

You'll get a Nutty Toys sticker and a trendy gift box included, perfect for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers.

And watch your kids smile as they play with these silly, cute unicorn squishies! It keeps toddlers, pre-schoolers, and even tweens engaged and relaxed - say goodbye to boredom, anxiety or nail biting.

Get the most awesome Christmas present for your special someone - bring out their inner child with Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Scented Unicorn Squishy today!

What's Impressive!

The Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Scented Unicorn Squishy is the perfect solution for relieving stress and regaining focus!

This popular, tiny companion is perfect for adults and children alike.

Whether you use it at work or school to help with ADD, ADHD, autism, or just fidgeting, squeezing this tooth in your hand or against your desk will help restore calm and focus during stressful situations.

Our unicorn squishy is also the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, last-minute presents...you name it - everyone loves our squishy!

And as an added bonus, each one comes with a cool gift box for a fabulous presentation.

What better way to spread some joy than to share these trending jumbo unicorns with a special someone?

Get yours today and enjoy awesome fun and relaxation!

Squishy Unicorn FAQs

Meet the most magical squishy unicorn in the world!

Hi, y'all! I'm Incredible Inkles - the most magical squishy unicorn in the world! I'm here to bring wonderful, mystical fun to everyone!

From my sparkly exterior to my glittery horn, I'll be sure to give even the oldest of unicorns a run for their money.

Whether you want me as your best friend or sidekick, ready for all sorts of adventures, I'll be happy to tag along.

Come and join me in my wonderful world of magic and fun - it's a truly special place!

This unicorn is so special because it's made out of super soft, squishy material that feels amazing to the touch.

Magical and wonderful, this magical unicorn is a special creature everyone will be talking about. It's made out of squishable material that feels simply exquisite - a real treat to the touch!

The unique textures of its surface give it an air of mystique that you'll love embracing with every encounter.

This magical unicorn has so much beauty to discover and enjoy; one won't be able to help to fall in love with its miraculous charm.

The colors on this unicorn are so bright and vibrant, they'll make you happy just by looking at them!

If there's one thing that's sure to bring some cheer and make you smile, it's this unicorn! Its vibrant colors of pink, blue, purple and aquamarine capture the beauty of a magical experience.

With its signature neon yellow horn, this cheerful creature is like no other - destined to uplift and spark joy in your life.

Dive into a world of enchantment with this remarkable unicorn and enjoy its serene colors of happiness as they bring an extra touch of wonderment to your everyday life!

This unicorn is perfect for cuddling, playing with, or simply decoration.

This captivating unicorn is unlike any other! Its long and airy mane, combined with its enchanting rainbow-colored horn, adds a magical element to any room.

And what's more, this multifunctional unicorn experience doesn't stop with looks!

Soft and silky to the touch, it's the perfect companion for cuddles. Its sturdy design also makes this unicorn ideal for larger gestures of affection - like hugs - and even a few rounds of pretend play.

Placed strategically as part of your home décor, this unique piece will bring wonderment and enchantment to any space.

Its playful energy is sure to bring smiles all around!

Meet the cutest creature out there - the squishy unicorn!

Guaranteed to bring you hours of happiness when squeezing it and giggles when looking at its cheerful face. Looking for one?

Don't worry, because we have an amazing collection of them in different categories to choose from.

Download our app and get instant access to all our squishy unicorns and their ratings. Are there any questions or do you need more details? Feel free to contact us via phone, email, or our app anytime!

So make sure you get yourself a squishy unicorn today - satisfaction guaranteed!

Get your very own magical squishy unicorn today!

Have you ever wanted your very own magical squishy unicorn?

There is no better way to add a bit of sparkle and joy to your day than with a magical squishy unicorn!

These captivating creatures are sure to bring smiles wherever they go.

From the glistening mane and majestic horns to the soft pastel colors of many playful shapes and sizes, there is surely a magical squishy unicorn for everyone!

Don't wait any longer - get your very own magical squishy unicorn today and add some wonderment to your life!

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