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Are you looking for a book that will help you unlock your potential and find success?

Look no further than Think and Grow Rich by Earl Nightingale.

Think and Grow Rich read by Earl Nightingale

This classic book has been read by millions of people around the world and has been used as the foundation for countless success stories.

Napoleon Hill Think Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is based on the principles of personal development and success that were developed by Napoleon Hill.

It provides readers with the keys to unlock their potential, develop a positive mindset, and create a plan for success.

This  incredible all-time best seller provides the insight into how to create wealth and freedom in their lives.

Wealth and Freedom

This book has become a must-read for anyone who is looking to make a change in their life.

Whether you’re looking to start your own business, invest in stocks, or simply become more successful in life, Think and Grow Rich will give you the tools you need to make it happen.

Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale was one of the first to read this book and he quickly became a believer in its power.

He went on to become one of the most successful and influential people of his time and attributed much of his success to the principles he learned in Think and Grow Rich.

Self confidence is a super power!

If you’re looking to unlock your potential and find success, then Think and Grow Rich is the book for you.

It’s packed with powerful insights and tips that will help you take control of your life and create a plan for success.

So, what are you waiting for?

Read  or listen to Think and Grow Rich and start unlocking your potential today!

Napoleon Hill Brain

Why We Love Think and Grow Rich

Are you looking to unlock your potential and create the life of your dreams?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and read brilliantly by Earl Nightingale is an essential book for anyone who wants to achieve success.

This timeless classic reveals the secrets of those who have achieved great wealth, health, and happiness.

This timeless classic reveals the secrets of those who have achieved great wealth, health, and happiness.

Through powerful lessons in personal development, Think and Grow Rich will help you learn how to think positively, set goals for yourself, and take action towards achieving them.

Our team has read thousands of reviews from readers around the world to find out why this book is so popular.

We've done all the stimulating research so that you can easily find and purchase Think & Grow Rich by Earl Nightingale today - start unlocking your potential now!

Napoleon Hill Quote

Think & Grow Rich Read by Earl Nightingale

Think & Grow Rich read by Earl Nightingale is one of the most influential and transformational motivational books of all time.

In it, Nightingale provides readers with invaluable insights on how to unlock success and prosperity by harnessing their inner-power of thought.


He bases his teachings on the groundbreaking economic theories of economist Terry Savage, as well as ideas from some of history's great minds such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford.

Think and Grow Rich places a strong emphasis on the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and self-confidence to determine our destiny in life.

Belief vs. Faith- Napoleon Hill 

It outlines various steps we can take to create a very fruitful career full of success and abundance.

These include setting clear goals, visualizing achievement, and creating a positive mental attitude that will break free from limiting beliefs.

50 Most Powerful Women ini New York

Nightingale also offers valuable advice on leveraging our networks and using strategic partnerships for mutual gain.

By actively seeking out mentors or people who can help us realize success faster, we can make greater progress in shorter amounts of time.

According to Earl Nightingale, he realized something important at the age of twenty-nine while reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

Earl Nightingale -The Strangest Secret

He was particularly struck by the idea that "we become what we think about".

Soon after, he created a recording called "The Strangest Secret".

This recording became very popular and earned a gold record, making it the largest selling non-entertainment recording in record industry history.

The book "Think and Grow Rich" is a well-known motivational book that has helped many people achieve their goals.

Developing Yourself

This audiobook includes a lecture by Earl Nightingale that summarizes Napoleon Hill's principles of success.

If you haven't read or listened to the book before, this audio condensation could be your "aha" moment.

Ultimately, Think  and Grow Rich shows us how to use the power of faith combined with actionable strategies for achieving massive success in any area we set our mind to.

As long as you believe in yourself and take consistent action towards your goals, you can build a successful future filled with unlimited possibilities – just like Earl Nightingale did!

We become what we think about!-Earl Nightingale

Think and Grow Rich Read by Earl Nightingale FAQS

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Earl Nightingale's legendary  audio book Think and Grow Rich can help you do just that. But with so many different versions of the book available, it can be hard to decide which one to read.

We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about Think and Grow Rich read by Earl Nightingale so you can make an informed decision about which version to read.

With this information, you can make sure you're getting the most out of this powerful book and taking your life to the next level.

Who is Earl Nightingale?

Earl Nightingale was a motivational speaker and radio personality, best known for his recording of “The Strangest Secret”.

He is considered to be one of the pioneers of personal development and self-improvement.

Earl was born into a poor California family in 1921 , that was struggling financially.

Despite the difficulties caused by the Great Depression, he managed to survive and went on to join the Marines at the age of 17.

Earl was one of only twelve survivors of the Pearl Harbor bombing

and sinking of the Battleship Arizona during WWII.

It is unknown if he served in any other capacity with the Marines.

While still in the Marine Corps, Earl volunteered as a radio announcer at a local radio station, which ignited his passion for radio.

After leaving the Marines five years later, he and his wife moved to Phoenix and eventually Chicago, where he began building his career in radio.

He hosted his own daily commentary program on WGN.

He was highly praised in broadcasting for his deep and clear sonorous voice and for how he passionately delivered his messages.

After he bought an insurance company during his radio career, he would give motivational "pep talks" over the PA system on Saturdays to help the sales team perform better during the week.

Earl Nightingale co founded with Lloyd Conant to create the Nightingale-Conant corporation in 1960.

Their successful partnership continued in 1987 with the release of Lead The Field, another popular audio book.

During the same year, Nightingale also published his debut book, Earl Nightingale's Greatest Discovery.

In 1956, Earl recorded a spoken word record called "The Strangest Secret" which sold over a million copies and became the first spoken-word recording to achieve Gold Record status.

In 1960, Nightingale also narrated a condensed audio version of "Think and Grow Rich."

The audiobook "Think and Grow Rich: The Essence Of The Immortal Book By Napoleon Hill," narrated by Earl Nightingale and produced by Success Motivation Institute, was released.

In the same year, Earl Nightingale co-founded Nightingale-Conant corporation with Lloyd Conant.

Another popular audiobook titled "Lead The Field" was also published by Nightingale-Conant in 1987. Earl Nightingale's first book, "Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery," was published during the same year.

Before he passed away in 1989, he designed a book format called "The Winner's Notebook," which featured his writing and illustrations, as well as space for a personal journal.

On March 28th of that year, Paul Harvey, a close friend of Earl's, announced his death over the airways and referred to him as "the sonorous voice of the Nightingale."

Which successful audio book did Earl Nightingale record?

Earl Nightingale is best known for his audio book, "The Strangest Secret in the World," which was released in 1956 and is credited with launching the personal growth industry.

He also recorded other successful audio books such as "Lead The Field," "Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude" and "The Dynamic Laws of Success".

All of these books contain timeless wisdom and advice on realizing our full potential and manifesting our dreams into reality.

What is the “Strangest Secret”?

The "Strangest Secret" is a speech by Earl Nightingale that was recorded in 1956 and has since become an iconic staple among investors, entrepreneurs, and those seeking to improve their lives.

It emphasizes the power of individual belief systems in reaching success and fulfillment.

The Strangest Secret is a powerful mantra that encourages people to believe in themselves and take control of their lives.

It challenges us to push through our fears and face our obstacles with courage and determination.

By setting ambitious goals and believing we are capable of achieving them, we can become success stories ourselves.

Through Earl Nightingale’s iconic speech, we learn the importance of positive thinking and want for all our dreams to come true.

We understand that any result we achieve is within our power — all it takes is effort, dedication, and faith in oneself. 

We highly recommend 'The Strangest Secret' for everyone!

What does it mean to think and grow rich?

Think and grow rich is an expression popularized by Napoleon Hill's bestselling book of the same name (originally published in 1937).

The phrase implies that if you truly believe in yourself and are willing to work hard, then you will achieve success financially as well as personally.

What books has Earl Nightingale written?

Earl Nightingale wrote several books, including Lead The Field, Succeed Through Service, You Were Born Rich and The Strangest Secret. 

He also co-authored A Guide To Understanding Your Potential with Denis Waitley in 1989, which has gone on to become a timeless classic in success literature.

What were some of Earl Nightingale's famous quotes?

Some of Earl Nightingale's most inspirational quotes include: "We can let circumstances rule us or we can take charge and rule our lives from within." "Success begins within."

"We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act but a habit."

How did Earl Nightingale get into motivational speaking?

In 1953, after leaving the US Navy with an Honorable Discharge he started thinking about what he could do with his life as he heard other people talking about wanting “something more” from their careers .

Almost out of desperation he began delivering speeches at local clubs across Los Angeles which eventually earned him the title ‘Father Of Personal Development’ when his words resonated positively with audiences all over the world leading him to becoming one of history’s most significant speakers ever.

Steve King, Earl's friend and commercial announcer, recalled how Earl Nightingale had a daily habit of learning something new and sharing that knowledge with others, emphasizing that it was his passion.

This led to the replaying of Earl's Output Language Code: EN-US.

What types of topics did Earl cover during his lectures ?

Earl’s most famous topics were related to achieving personal growth through visualization techniques, understanding potentials and tapping into them while increasing concentration levels along with staying motivated towards long term goals while staying away from distractions caused due to negative influences from either external or internal sources .

He used to give regular Saturday "pep talks" over the PA system at the insurance company where he had bought a policy during his radio career.

The sales force relied on these talks to stay motivated throughout the week.

In 1956, Earl pre-recorded his message for one week so that his staff could still receive their weekly inspiration while he was on vacation.

The recording had a tremendous impact on the staff and it quickly became popular when others heard about it, resulting in many requests for copies.

Was Earl part of any organizations ?

Yes , Earl was actively involved in different activities where he promoted ideas such as positive thinking , setting goals for oneself , determined mindset towards achieving goals etc.

He was a member of associations like BNI Toastmaster International , American Management Association as well as founding memberships belong to National Speakers Association etc ..

Is there any lecture by Earl Nightingale available on Youtube ?

Yes there are plenty of videos available on YouTube containing speeches given by Earl Nightingale some videos being full length recordings while others consist snippets taken from various talks given by this great man himself .

Where can I find more reading materials related to Earl Nightingale ?

There are hundreds of articles, blog posts & eBooks published freely online all around internet written on this legend including biographies , books penned down by him etc . 


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With its timeless wisdom and inspirational stories, this audiobook can provide you with the motivation and insight you need to create a life of abundance and prosperity.

Napoleon Hill's Six Steps To Financial Success

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an experienced business leader, this read of Think and Grow Rich can be a powerful resource for transforming your life and achieving your goals.

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