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Who is Napoleon Hill?

He is one of the most influential figures in the world of personal development and success.

He is the author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich, which has sold over 20 million copies and has been translated into over 25 languages.

Napoleon Hill's teachings have helped countless people around the world reach their goals and achieve success.

Napoleon Hill was born in 1883 in Wise County, Virginia. He was an orphan at the age of 16 and had to work a variety of jobs to support himself.

He was determined to make something of himself and worked hard to become a successful author and lecturer on the subject of success.

No Alibi Will Save You from accepting responsibility-Napoleon Hill

He was a pioneer in the field of personal development and success.

He wrote numerous books, including the famous Think and Grow Rich, which has been a bestseller for decades. He was also a mentor to many famous people, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

Napoleon Hill's teachings have been inspiring people for generations.

His books are filled with wisdom and advice that can help anyone reach their goals and achieve success.

If you want to learn more about who Napoleon Hill was and how his teachings can help you, this article is a great place to start.

Read on to learn more about the amazing life and teachings of Napoleon Hill.

Think and Grow Rich Quotes

Why We Still Follow Napoleon Hill!

If you're looking for advice on achieving success, look no further than the teachings of Napoleon Hill.

His book, Think and Grow Rich, has been a best-seller since its release in 1937 and is considered one of the most influential books ever written about personal success.

Napoleon Hill was an American author who studied the lives of some of history's greatest minds to uncover their secrets to success.

He spent 25 years researching and interviewing successful people such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and John D. Rockefeller before writing his famous book.

Our team has read through all of Napoleon Hill's work to bring you the best tips from this incredible author so that you can start applying them in your own life today!

Discover what makes Napoleon Hill one of history's most influential thought leaders by reading our reviews today!

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Napoleon Hill's Story

Once upon a time, in the small town of Pound, Virginia, a young Oliver Napoleon Hill was born into humble beginnings.

Growing up in West Virginia, he was determined to make something of himself and had the ambition to succeed.

As fate would have it, he soon met the industrialist Andrew Carnegie who changed the course of his life.

Napoleon Hill began his journey to becoming a personal development pioneer at the young age of 13 when he was introduced to industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

After completing his law school studies at George Washington University, Hill created Napoleon Hill's Magazine which encouraged readers to adopt positive thinking for success.

He soon published Think and Grow Rich in 1937 which has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and still remains relevant today.

His teachings from the magazine and other publications such as "Law Of Success" , "Grow Rich" ,and "Personal Success Genre" have become a staple for generations, making Hill an indisputable leader in the field of personal development.

Think and Grow Rich 

Carnegie encouraged him to study the world's most successful people and inspired him to embark on a lifetime journey researching and interviewing some of history's most famous figures such as Thomas Edison, George Washington, Henry Ford and Theodore Roosevelt.

This research led him to write his acclaimed book "Think and Grow Rich", which has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and is widely recognized as one of the greatest self-improvement books ever written.

Following law school, he ventured into the business world with his first enterprise in lumber trading (Acree Hill Lumber Company).

Soon after that, he took on automobile building and driving, followed by sales.

He then went on to establish the Betsy Ross Candy Shop as well as George Washington Institute of Advertising (which was short-lived) in 1915; finally establishing Intra-Wall Correspondence School in 1922.

Napoleon Hill had a strong connection with the George Washington Institute of Law.

After completing his law studies at the Institute, Hill bore witness to Andrew Carnegie's success which inspired him to create his own magazine titled Napoleon Hill's Magazine.

Think and Grow Rich

This publication led to Think and Grow Rich, a book consisting of timeless personal success principles.

His teachings from this publication have become an invaluable resource for self-improvement and are still used today.

He founded The Napoleon Hill Foundation and created "Hill's Golden Rule Magazine" to further spread his teachings about personal achievement and financial success among millions all around the world.

He was also able to found his own magazine called "Mental Dynamite" where he shared his wisdom during World War II with President Woodrow Wilson offering free copies of this powerful publication to soldiers overseas.

Hill stumbled upon Annie Lou Norman, a 47-year-old woman he rented a room from. They tied the knot in 1943 and decided to settle in California thereafter.

In addition, he wrote for many small-town newspapers including Bob Taylor's Magazine in South Carolina, The Mountain Reporter in Southwestern Virginia and Betsy Ross Candy Shop in Chicago Daily Tribune.

Hill's Golden Rule

Hill firmly believed in what he called "Hill's Golden Rule"; which stated that by cultivating a positive mental attitude and focusing your thoughts on the success you can achieve great things.

He claimed that success is achieved through hard work and persistence rather than raw talent or intelligence alone.

This idea has become synonymous with Hill's life work today; inspiring generations around the globe with his teachings on personal growth while leaving behind an impressive legacy through his writings such as "Law Of Success" , "Grow Rich" and "Personal Success Genre".

Napoleon Hill experienced many hardships throughout his life but never gave up on his dreams despite obstacles like financial struggles and marital problems.

His dedication to helping others reach their goals ultimately led him to create a platform for transforming lives through success strategies paired with relationship marketing business opportunities; this pioneering concept still impacts people's lives today more than 50 years after its inception.

So even though Hill passed away at the age of 87 in 1970, we will always remember him for changing our lives through the power of personal development and positive thinking - thank you Napoleon Hill!

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits!

Napoleon Hill FAQS

Have you ever heard of Napoleon Hill? He's one of the most influential success authors of all time and his books have been read by millions of people around the world.

But who is Napoleon Hill and why is he so important? What makes his writing and advice so timeless?

We've put together a comprehensive guide to Napoleon Hill, including his biography, his most famous works, and the lessons he taught that are still relevant today. With this guide, you can learn more about this influential author and why his words still ring true today.

Napoleon Hill was born in a one-room cabin in the Appalachian town of Pound, Virginia.

James Monroe Hill and Sarah Sylvania (Blair) were the proud parents of our protagonist; their son was also a grandson to James Madison Hill and Elizabeth Jones.

An unofficial dentist, his father had emigrated from England with their family in 1847, ultimately settling down in southwestern Virginia. Aside from dentistry, he was known as an amateur moonshiner before passing away.

Despite his humble beginnings, he went on to become a prominent author and lecturer in the field of personal development, inspiring millions around the world.

At a young age, Hill was introduced to Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in the world at that time. Carnegie encouraged Hill to study successful people, leading him to embark on a lifetime of research and interviews.

Hill wrote his most famous book, "Think and Grow Rich", during the Great Depression, when many people were struggling financially.

Originally published in 1937, the book has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and has become a timeless classic in the field of personal growth and success.

Hill's work on the power of the subconscious mind and self-belief influenced many other prominent figures, including motivational speaker Tony Robbins and author Jack Canfield, who co-authored the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series.

Hill was a vocal advocate of the power of positive thinking and visualization, stressing the importance of developing a clear vision in one's mind before taking action. He believed that by focusing one's thoughts and beliefs on success, individuals could achieve great things.

Hill was an early proponent of the idea that success is achieved through persistence and determination rather than raw talent or intelligence. He coined the phrase "a quitter never wins and a winner never quits" to encourage people to persevere through setbacks and challenges.

Despite his success as an author and speaker, Hill faced many obstacles in his personal life, including financial struggles and marital problems. However, he remained committed to his work and continued to inspire others until his death in 1970 at the age of 87.

In conclusion, Napoleon Hill was a fascinating individual whose life and work continue to inspire millions today.

His dedication to studying successful people and understanding what sets them apart has provided valuable insights into personal development and success.

From his humble beginnings in a small Virginia town to his worldwide impact as an author and speaker, Hill's legacy continues to be felt today through his timeless wisdom and teachings.

Our Beloved Leader

Napoleon Hill was a man of immense success and knowledge. His philosophies on success and personal achievement have helped millions of people reach their goals and live better lives.

His writings and teachings have provided valuable insight into how to achieve success and have been instrumental in helping people from all walks of life become successful in their own right.

If you’re looking for inspiration or advice on how to reach success, look no further than Napoleon Hill. His teachings are timeless and will always remain relevant to anyone looking to better their lives.

So take a few moments to explore the life and works of this incredible man who wrote the greatest self-improvement book ever!

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