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If you've ever read the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," then you might remember that there is a scene where Alice comes across a riddle that goes like this: "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

Of course, Alice never can figure out the answer to this riddle, but that doesn't mean we can't try!

Let's take a look at some of the possible ways a raven could be like a writing desk.


One way that a raven could be like a writing desk is in their function.

Just as a writing desk provides a place for someone to write, Ravens are often used in stories and poems as symbols of foreboding or darkness.

In particular, the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe uses a raven as a symbol of death and grief.

So, while a writing desk may be used for happy occasions like sending out birthday cards or thank-you notes, a raven may be seen as an omen of bad news.


Another way that a raven could be like a writing desk is in their appearance.

Both Ravens and writing desks often have dark wood finishes and may be adorned with ornate carvings or decorations.

For example, you might find a writing desk with intricate gold leaf detailing or carved lions' heads on the legs.

Similarly, Ravens are usually black with shiny feathers, although some species of Ravens have white feathers.

So, if you were to see two objects side by side—a plain wooden desk and an ornate mahogany desk or an all-black Raven and a Raven with white patches—you might have trouble telling them apart at first glance.

Both ravens and writing desks are black.

That's not a coincidence—Raven and Writing Desk are two of the most popular brand names for black objects.

And since black is the color of darkness, it only makes sense that both ravens and writing desks are associated with things like mystery and magic.

Speaking of magic, did you know that both ravens and writing desks can be used to perform spells?

Ravens are often associated with witchcraft while writing desks can be used to write magical spells.

Many witches and wizards keep a pet raven or writing desk in their homes to help them with their spell-casting.

Finally, both ravens and writing desks are known for being very intelligent.

Ravens are some of the smartest birds around while writing desks are often used by people who need to think deeply about something (like writers, students, and scientists).

So next time you see a raven or a writing desk, remember they have more in common than you might think!

So, why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

There are many possible answers to this age-old question, but we hope this article has helped shed some light on the matter!

Whether they're similar in function or appearance, it's clear that these two objects have more in common than you might think.

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