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Duck Riddles For You!

Are you looking for some fun and creative ways to entertain your family? If so, why not try some duck riddles?

We are Gonna Quack you Up!

Duck riddles are great for families because they’re fun, creative, and the answers reveal interesting facts about ducks.

Plus, everyone can get involved since they’re easy enough for even young children to understand. Read on to discover eight of our favorite duck riddles!

  1. What kind of music do ducks listen to?
    A: Quack-ground music!
  2. What did one duck say to the other duck when he wished him a happy birthday?
    A: Quack-y birthday!
  3. How do ducks fly south for the winter?
    A: They use the quack way!
  4. How does a duck like his eggs cooked?
    A: In a nest sunny side up!
  5. What did the mother duck say to her baby ducks when it was time to go swimming?
    A: Time to make a splash!
  6. Where do ducks go after school?
    A: To their pond-ers!
  7. Why don't ducks tell secrets?
  8. A: Because they might quack them out!
  9. Why did the duck cross the road?
  10. A: To get to the other puddle!
  11. What do ducks do when it rains?
    A: They go quack in the rain!
  12. Where do ducks like to shop?
    A: The mallard (mall).
  13. Why did the duck put his money in the bank?
    A: He wanted to make quack investments!

14. What kind of music do ducks like?

A: Quack-pop!

15. What kind of doctor does a duck go to?

A: A pond-iatrist!

16. How do ducks take pictures?

A: With a quacker snap!

17. What did the duck say when he bought something at the store?

A: “Just put it on my bill!"

18. What did the duck say when he opened his lunch box?

A: “What’s quacking in here?"

We hope these hilarious and clever duck riddles have given you a chuckle or two—and maybe even taught you something new about our feathered friends as well!

Whether you’re looking for some family-friendly entertainment or want a few laughs with your friends, these silly riddles are sure to please everyone in your group.

So gather round, give them a try, and see who can come up with the best answer first—you won’t be disappointed!

Are you ready for more laughing til ya cry?

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