What Has Many Needles But Doesn't Sew?

Have you ever heard the riddle, “what has many needles but doesn’t sew?”

It might sound like a tricky one, but it’s actually quite simple!

While it may take some time to figure out the answer, reading this blog post can help you get there in no time.

Read on to discover the answer and have a laugh along the way!

When asked this question, most people assume that it has something to do with sewing.

After all, needles are usually associated with sewing.

However, when you think about it more closely, there are other items that also use needles!

So what is the answer?

The correct response is “a porcupine!”

A porcupine is an animal that has a spiny coat made up of thick quills.

These quills are sharp and pointy much like a needle and can be up to 10 inches long.

They are used as protection against predators and help keep the porcupine safe in its natural habitat.

A porcupine will use its quills to ward off any threat and they can be very painful if handled carelessly.

Porcupines also have softer fur between their quills which helps them stay warm in cold weather.

They are nocturnal animals so they spend most of their day sleeping in burrows or hollow trees while they wait for nightfall before they come out to search for food.

They are herbivores which means that they eat mostly plants such as roots and fruits but will occasionally eat small animals such as insects or fish.

So there you have it - the answer to the age-old riddle of “What has many needles but doesn’t sew?”

Sure enough, it was a porcupine!

These fascinating animals have evolved over millions of years to develop their unique defense mechanisms which include their spiny coats of quills.

But wait a minute, what else has many needles?

Or the second answer is a cactus!

Cacti are spiky, succulent plants that are found in many different climates around the world.

There are more than 2,000 species of cactus, ranging from small plants just about an inch tall to giants that reach heights of up to 78 feet.

Cacti have adapted to survive in some of the hottest and driest environments on Earth.

To do this, they need very little water and have special features like spines—the “needles” of the riddle—that help protect them from animals who might want to eat them or damage them while they're trying to get at other sources of food.

Cacti also have thick waxy skins that help prevent water loss and keep their insides cool during hot days.

In addition to being resourceful survivors in unforgiving climates, cacti also make great houseplants.

They don't require much care or attention—just make sure not to over-water them—and can add a unique touch of greenery anywhere in your home.

Plus, if you ever forget the answer to our riddle above, you can always look at your cactus for a helpful reminder!

A cactus has many needles but doesn't sew—it's an incredibly resourceful plant that can thrive even in some of the harshest climates on Earth.

Not only that, but it makes for a great houseplant as well!

So next time you hear this riddle being asked around your family dinner table, now you know just what to say!

Porcupines and cacti rule!

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