If you’re a pet parent, then you know the struggle of keeping your house clean and fur-free.

But when you have a white couch, protecting it from dirt and shedding becomes an even greater challenge—especially if you have dogs.

Don’t worry!

Here are seven creative ways that you can protect your white couch from your furry friends without having to sacrifice any style or comfort.

1. Get a Throw Blanket:

A throw blanket is one of the simplest solutions for protecting a white couch from dirt and fur.

Not only does it absorb some of the dirt and fur, but it also looks cute when draped over the back of the sofa or folded neatly on top.

Plus, there are so many different options in terms of design and color, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

2. Invest in a Slipcover:

If you want extra protection for your couch, then investing in slipcovers may be the way to go.

Not only do slipcovers come in all sorts of sizes and colors, but they also provide a layer of protection between your furniture and any spills or messes that may occur—which is especially useful if you have messy eaters in the family!

3. Use Dog Beds:

If you want to keep your pup off the furniture altogether, then getting him his own bed is essential.

Not only will this help prevent him from jumping onto the couch while he’s snoozing away, but it will also make sure that he has his own comfortable spot where he can relax after playing around outside with his furry friends.

Plus, dog beds come in all shapes and sizes (and prices!), so you can find one that fits your pup perfectly as well as your budget!

4. Place Towels at Strategic Spots:

Placing towels strategically around your home is an effective way to protect upholstery from dirt and drool—especially if you have multiple pups running around!

Keep them underneath end tables or beneath chairs where they won't be seen too much but still catch any messes that might fall out during playtime or meal times.

 You can always put them away when company comes over so they don't take away from the beauty of your home's decor!

5. Vacuum Regularly:

One of the easiest ways to keep upholstery clean?

Vacuum regularly!

This will help pick up loose fur before it settles into fabric fibers making them harder to remove later on down the line.

Plus, vacuuming will help reduce allergens like dust mites which tend to accumulate on furniture over time if not properly maintained!

6. Brush Off Fur Before Sitting Down:

Brushing off fur before sitting down can save you time spent cleaning up afterward—trust us!

A quick brush with either a lint roller or pet brush should do the trick; just make sure to do it every time someone sits down on the couch so that no stray hairs sneak their way into fabric fibers unnoticed!

7. Invest in Upholstery Cleaners:

Finally, consider investing in upholstery cleaners specifically designed for pet owners; these products usually contain enzymes that break down tough stains caused by urine or vomit quickly (and without leaving behind nasty odors).

That way, any messes made by Fido won't become eyesores ruining your beautiful white couch!

Keeping a white couch looking its best is hard enough as it is — but when pets are involved?

It can seem almost impossible sometimes!

Luckily though, with these seven tips for protecting white couches from dogs (plus some elbow grease!), preserving them doesn’t have to be such a daunting task after all — so get cleaning today and enjoy that beautiful piece of furniture worry-free tomorrow!

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