Look no further than our list of the 5 best modern coffee tables! Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space with any of these gorgeous pieces!

Are you looking for a stunning centerpiece for your living room? This elegant piece of furniture is perfect for any home and adds luxury to any room.

These gorgeous coffee tables are sure to capture the attention of anyone who enters your home.

The white & gold coffee table is more than just a piece of living room furniture.

It’s a statement piece that will make any room look stylish and inviting. It’s the perfect combination of form and function, with plenty of space for books, magazines, and décor.

With modern design and luxurious accents, this white gold glam decor will make your home look and feel like a million bucks!

How We Choose The Best White & Gold Coffee Table For You!

Our interior design experts have read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best contemporary tables for your needs.

Enjoy our reviews and give your space a luxurious upgrade!

Best Gold Hammered Iron Table

Christopher Knight Home Rache Modern Round Table

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Why We Love It

We love the Christopher Knight Home Rache Modern Round Coffee Table with Hammered Iron for its simplistic structure and modern finesse.

This accent table set adds chic atmosphere to any home with its clean, cylindrical shape and convenient table lip.

What You Should Know

The Christopher Knight Home Rache Modern Round Coffee Table with Hammered Iron is the perfect size for any home. This coffee table comes in 26.00” L x 26.00” W x 17.00” H.

Best White LED Lit Contemporary Table

IKIFLY Modern High Glossy White Coffee Table

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Why We Love It:

Life needs a sense of ritual, colorful lights make your life relaxing and exciting.

The LED TV Stand includes 16 Colors, 6 Brightness Settings, 4 Lighting Patterns with remote ON/OFF and color control, low power consumption and stable performance.

What Else Should People Know?:

This rad table features 2 tiers design, offering larger space to store accessories such as notebooks, magazines, books, remote controls or other things.

Plus, it's also incredibly durable and sturdy, so you don't have to worry about it breaking anytime soon. And with its sleek and modern design, it's sure to be a great addition to any room.

Best White Gold Marble Table

Roomfitters White Marble Print Table

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Why We Love It

Roomfitters White Gold Marble Print Table has a glossy faux marble top that is elegant and sophisticated.

Its sturdy two-tier design makes it a great choice for any home and its kid-friendly table edges make it safe for any family.

What Else Should People Know

Not only is the Roomfitters Table stylish and functional, but it's also incredibly durable.

Its metal frame is painted with eye-catching gold, and its marble top is easy to clean without leaving stains or warping. Plus, it's easy to assemble so you can set it up quickly.

Best Mid-Century Modern Round Table

Walker Edison Modern Glam

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Why We Love It

Finesse meets practical with this Mid-century modern-inspired round little table with a crisscross-designed base.

The x-base is made of metal, painted in gold for a splash of elegance. It will surely please on its own, or when styled with our matching side table while complementing any aesthetic.

What You Should Know

The Walker Edison Modern Glam Round Faux White Marble Table with Gold X-Base is the perfect addition to any home.

It is made with warp-resistant MDF and durable laminate, and its top surface supports up to 100 Ibs. Plus, it has rubber-capped feet to help prevent scratched floors.

Best Marble Gold Rectangle Coffee Table

Walker Edison Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

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Why We Love It

We love the Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Marble Gold Rectangle Coffee Table because it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any living space.

This transitional piece is made of a durable, painted metal base and a polished faux marble top, giving it a luxurious and simple look.

What Else Should People Know

The Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Marble Gold Rectangle  Table measures 18" H x 42" L x 22" W and supports up to 75 lbs.

It is made of high-grade MDF and a metal base for long-lasting construction and can be paired with matching side tables for a complete living room set.

Best Gold Modern Coffee Table

Athena 45'' Wide Rectangular Coffee Table 

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Why We Love It

Athena 45'' Wide Rectangular Coffee Table in Brass is a sleek addition to any room. Its geometric shapes add to its Hollywood Regency appeal and overall glam look.

Plus, the lower shelf is stylishly raised to offer additional shelf space. It seamlessly fits into any room with your choice of neutral metallic finishes.

What Else Should People Know

This coffee table is hand-crafted with a gold finish applied to the steel frame. Plus, it features tempered glass shelves and easy assembly.

It measures 45"W x 20"D x 17"H and should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth - no harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials.

Living Room Furniture FAQs

Are you trying to find the perfect coffee table?

Finding the right table for your home can be difficult, especially with so many different styles, sizes, and colors available. You want to make sure you pick the perfect one that will fit your space and match the rest of your décor.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about coffee table furniture so you can make an informed decision so you'll be able to find the perfect little table for your home.

Does the coffee table have to match?

No, it does not have to match. In fact, many people prefer to mix and match different coffee tables to create a unique and interesting look.

Mix and match different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to create a look that reflects your design choices.

Additionally, mixing and matching coffee tables allows you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

How do I choose a coffee table style?

Choosing a coffee table style is about finding one that fits your home's aesthetic and lifestyle.

Consider the size of your room and the amount of space you want the coffee table to take up.

How do you make a coffee table look expensive?

One way to make a coffee table look expensive is to choose a high-quality material, such as solid wood or glass.

You can also use decorative accents, such as a mirrored top or a decorative inlay.

Finally, good lighting can make a coffee table look more expensive.

Consider adding a lamp or a few candles to illuminate the table and give it a warm and inviting feel. these tables also look awesome alongside your mattresses as nightstands!

What coffee tables are called now?

The term "coffee table" is still commonly used to describe a low table used in living rooms to display items and serve drinks.

However, the term is also used to describe a variety of other low tables, such as side tables, end tables, console tables, cocktail tables, and more.

Coffee tables are usually placed in the center of the room and can be used to display decorative books, magazines, flowers, decorative items, and sculptures.

Should a coffee table be lower than the sofa?

Yes, a coffee table should be lower than the couch. The ideal height is 16-18 inches, while the ideal sofa height is 18-20 inches.

This allows for comfortable access to the coffee table and enough clearance for people to move around the furniture without hitting their legs on the table.

Additionally, this height difference creates a visual separation between the two pieces of furniture, which helps to create a more aesthetically pleasing look.

How tall should your coffee table be?

The ideal height for a coffee table is between 16-18 inches.

This height allows you to easily reach items on the table while allowing enough space for your legs to fit comfortably underneath.

What kind of coffee table makes a room look bigger?

A glass coffee table is a great way to make a room look bigger. Glass is transparent, so it won't take up any visual space in the room, making the room look bigger.

Additionally, glass reflects light, which helps to brighten up the room and make it appear larger.

Other ideas include choosing a glass coffee table with a slim profile and thin legs to maximize the space feeling.

Best White and Gold Coffee Table For You!

No matter what style you're looking for, these six gold and white coffee tables offer the perfect combination of luxury and elegance that you can enjoy for years to come.

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